Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lots of Alaska reality

I've been wondering how this show I've been hearing about has been going, Flying Wild Alaska, about the Tweto family. Anonymous Bloggers has a great little summary.

I must admit to being a bit hooked on Ax Men, though, on the History Channel. Especially after their cliffhanger episodes with the missing logger from the town I was born in (I kept looking for my auntie's house.) Though, really, the crazy southern loggers are hugely entertaining.

Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, innumerable Alaska survival shows... I'm glad we get to show off a state I love living in, but I'm happiest when it's portrayed accurately and honestly. Alaska doesn't need any glitz and glamour thrown in. There's enough beauty, drama, life and death without hauling in some more.

Which shows do you think portray Alaska honestly?

I haven't seen all of them - I want to know!


Mark said...

Oh, Flying Wild Alaska by far. Those poseur gold miners are a joke; no Alaskans to speak of on DC; that other "travelogue" was, well, you know...
The cooking show where the guy always hunts was good too when he went to Southeast and went mountain climbing in search of a Sitka Deer.
At least FWA is using some Alaskan music, including a composition by Mike McIntyre of Bethel!

Bob Berry said...

I have to say the gold miners. They show the good and the bad. From the lack of gold to the mosquito's, from the beautiful country to the rain and cold. They show it all. I did like the premise of Flying Wild until I found out the daughters are studying acting in SoCal. Looks like an ad just to get them into the movies. When the daughter was trying to direct he plane I lost faith in the show being realistic. How can you grow up in an aviation family and not have the slightest clue on directing planes around the airport.

Anonymous said...

I am still a fan of Flying Wild but also like the hunting one. We have looked in on the Ice Road one and seems to be pretty 'realistic'.
Overall we, at least in the household, feel the PR that is getting out there for AK doesn't hurt.
Personally I am sick of hearing from wannna be fishermen how they love Deadiest :-) We tend to skip over those guys when hiring!! Actually found a few guys a few years ago who had NOT seen it, they were great workers!!