Monday, May 18, 2009

Native news around the state, country, world


Robert Redford to aid Hispanic, Native American Filmakers

Actor Robert Redford is partnering the state of New Mexico to produce "Sundance in New Mexico," a hands-on filmmaking program that will work with and train aspiring Hispanic and Native American filmmakers.

New competition will award $60,000 to Native writers

I posted a flier on this several days ago, but it's worth reading about! Six Native writers - three Alaska Native and three Native Hawaiian/American Indian - will win $10,000 each! It's an expansion of some great things the Alaska Federation of Natives has been doing for the last few years:

Native Insight: Thoughts on Recession, Recovery & Opportunity is a writing competition crafted to tap the wisdom and ingenuity of Native communities, and to encourage Native thinkers to go public with their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the current economic and political landscape.

U.S. may begin new Native policy, including U.N. Declaration of Indigenous Rights

Much needed shifts in U.S. Native policy beginning? There are signs... from Indian Country Today:

Out of 144 nations expressing support for the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, only three “no” voters remain: the United States, Canada and New Zealand.


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