Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fact Wars by Joe Bedard: Once upon a corporate America...

 I'm introducing a new, regular feature on the blog, a guest post by a genius political Alaska Native man (a.k.a. Joe Bedard.) He is the rare sort of amateur political junkie that comes to his views through fact, and I'm looking forward to sharing what I've had the privilege of learning from (and debating with) him! - WR

Once upon a time in America. There was a corporation, created by a charter, granted by government and held by private shareholders. Human shareholders. The Corporation was property. These humans were granted rights, guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Corporate entity had no rights and was barred from petitioning the Government that had created it.

Then, through a series of Supreme Court rulings starting in 1886 and ending in 2009, Corporations were granted legal human status with full Constitutional rights. But unlike their newly found flesh-and-bone brothers and sisters called humans, the Corporation does not die of old age nor does it need to eat. It only needs money to sustain itself and money it can get in abundance.

It was not long until the Corporation discovered it had an unlimited right to petition the Government that had created it. All it took was money and lots of it. "No problem!" said the Corporation, we'll just order the Government to make more money for us to consume and in turn we shall lubricate the Government to our will. It's our God-given right, you know.

It was not long after that that the Corporation said, "Wait a minute! Corporations are created by the Government and we can order the Government what to do. Therefore, Corporations are government entities! "

Separation of Corporation and State NOW!
- JB

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