Friday, June 5, 2009

Alaska Real turns 1!

A year ago today I began this blog - and so sorry to be cliche, but oh - what a year! I coudn't have dreamt up half of what happened this last year.

I learned a lot from this little experiment, and will continue it further. The last several weeks have been a flurry of activity for me personally, and I hope to be gone for a sizeable chunk of the summer. Some of my focus needs to go to exciting new things happening in my own life (okay, a whole heaping bunch of my focus.) But I do want to tweek the blog a bit, and really define what should go into it - and not neglect it so poorly as I have lately (though I might add, I've also neglected sleep and healthy stress levels as well.)

I got into this to get an Alaskan Native voice out there, a perspective on things both mundane and elevated. Some of my goal for this year is to get MORE. I would love for Alaska Native guest bloggers to post on here, and hope a whole lot more Alaska Native blogs will get notice, and begin.

Happy Birthday to me! And here's to another year...


Mark said...

Happy First Blog-irthday!
You continue to do an excellent job, with a fine balance of topics that makes Alaska Real one of the best examples of Alaskan blogging. You certainly do accomplish your mission of getting a smart Native voice out here on the "system of tubes."
Keep up the good work!

James W. LaBelle said...

Yes, great job! Keep it up!