Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Palin's new AG pick for Alaska

Another important appointment, this time at the state level. Palin appointed Dan Sullivan (no, not THAT Dan Sullivan) as AG. I don't know much about him either, but the Anchorage Daily News has a few bios up about him.

If you remember, the last AG pick, Wayne Anthony Ross, of Palin's was strongly protested by Native organizations (and LOTS of other people) because of his views about, well, an awful lot of things, but namely subsistence and ANCSA. Sullivan looks to have a pretty strong resume, but I haven't heard much else yet. He does seem to have a few (positive) Native in working with Native corporations (?) and looks like his wife is Native. From the articles:

He helped ensure that the new NSPD strategy focused on all of the core issues relating to the Arctic, including: developing the region’s vast resources; protecting the environment; promoting safe, secure and reliable transportation; and respecting the culture and way of life of indigenous peoples...

His practice focused on corporate transactions and commercial litigation, and he represented a variety of clients, including Alaska small businesses and Native corporations...

He has been married for almost 15 years to Julie Fate Sullivan of Fairbanks, who is a Doyon shareholder...

Sullivan's wife, Julie, is the daughter of former state representative Hugh Fate of Fairbanks and Mary Jane Fate, who is a former co-chairwoman of the Alaska Federation of Natives and was also on the University of Alaska board of Regents.

So, I guess another wait-and-see!


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