Thursday, October 16, 2008

If you can't see "W." - rent one of these

I'm off to see W.! Okay - it doesn't open for a while, but I do plan on seeing the Oliver Stone movie this weekend.

But if you can't get out to see the movie (or refuse to see it until proof exists that Bush is actually out of the White House,) a list of my "Wish this was how Presidential politics really was" movie list:

10. Dave
This one onl barely makes my list - not because it's not enjoyable to watch, but I have trouble suspending my disbelief through much of it. Still, I like Kevin Kline it.

9. The Sum of All Fears
A Jack Ryan movie had to make it on, and why not this one? Even if this president almost gets us into World War III, he nearly got blown up, and at least had sarcasm.

8. Deep Impact
A president who only ever tries to look out for the good of mankind? Totally unbelievable.

7. Fail Safe
Okay, maybe I don't want the president to exactly act like this, but I can appreciate the moral dilemna. My dad introduced me to this movie years ago, and my jaw still hurts from dropping so fast.

6. Amistad
Okay, so John Quincy Adams wasn't president anymore when they did this, but I'd like to think of sage old president's giving wise advice beyond their reign.

5. Independence Day
Okay, Will Smith gets the real fan mail for this, followed by Jeff Goldblum, but here's a president who isn't afraid to strap in and defend the world against impossibly strong aliens. Would Bush do that for us?

4. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Jimmy Stewart! I don't watch really old movies very often, but this is one I could watch many more times. As much fun for it's sickly sweetness as for how it makes fun of the sickly sweetness.

3. Air Force One
Who can resist a president who can throw down? I mean, Harrison Ford single handidly taking on a dozen bad guys with big guns, armed only with his massive wits and furrowed brow.

2. The American President
This battles for my top pick just because I love Aaron Sorkin so much. But since West Wing, I must say that though Martin Sheen and Michael Douglas are a draw for president, Stockard Channing kicks Annette Benning's booty as First Lady (or First girlfriend) and John Spencer (ironically) kicks Martin Sheen's butt for chief of staff. Despite this, the speech at the end is worth the whole movie, as well as Michael J. Fox's performance.

1. Bulworth
Only in my version, Bulworth goes on to be president, Halle Barry becomes first lady, and Don Cheadle is an easy pick for defense secretary.

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