Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's keeping me awake at night

My bigger mistake today was purchasing the new Times magazine, with the cover article entitled, "7 Things That Could Go Wrong On Election Day." Only read it if you have serious concerns, and are in a position to do something about it. Otherwise you'll be a lone voter in Alaska with our three electorals, somehow trying to mind-transfer the will-power to battleground state voters to go vote.

Seriously, I am having nightmares of 2000 happening all over again, of not knowing who our next president will be until December, and, worse yet, that McCain will be our next president. I've been wishing the election was here already, but now that it is looming before us, I'm not so sure I want to know.

But I think I'm seeing something to trump it all. I mean, we've seen that Alaska is in a lose-lose situation. Win this election or not, we get Palin as VP or back as our governor. But Celtic Diva recently posted something that I thought was far-reaching, which we now see as a frightening ambition in reality. Celtic Diva supposed that Palin was vying for Ted Steven's spot. I mean, I thought it was pretty shocking how quickly she was willing to throw him under the bus. But she now seems to be doing just that. Palin in 2012. Shudder.

If anyone else is suffering from Election Insomnia, I can only give a few suggestions:

1. Go vote. Now. Yesterday. The early voting booths are open. Just do it.

2. Consider taking some time off to help a campaign this weekend, or Monday, Tuesday. Although I'm doing this to help, it also has a pleasant side effect of getting me out of any area I could possibly be plastered to a screen all day.

3. If in any way you are denied the right to vote - DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL YOU CAN VOTE. There are very few exceptions to every citizen being able to vote, so if you are not a convicted felon who is still under parole, and you are registered to vote, do not let anyone deny you this right.
The Time's article - and I've seen this on some news broadcasts - suggest at the bare minimum that you vote on a provisional ballot, but that is supremely the last ditch effort. A provisional ballot stands a good chance of not getting counted. In any case, don't be afraid to make a nuisance of yourself if you are told you cannot vote, for whatever reason. There are generations of people behind you who fought for you to have the right to vote. Don't let their efforts go wasted.

4. If you can avoid it, just don't watch TV. Really. I'm not sure what I think the next news program is going to tell me that the last one didn't, but if you've made up your mind, there's a possibility you can just be drven crazy by this. This election has been so up and down, it's hard to tear away, but at least get out for a few minutes. I was surprised to find that it is winter, and apparently it has been for several weeks now. Most of my views of outside are of Lower 48 stadiums, so I'm surprised when it's not sunny and 70 degrees instead of cloudy and 15 degrees. Let me tell you, that's a disappointment.

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Nita Van Zandt said...

I'm in NH and I *can't* vote early! It's agonizing! But I am working on election day to help other voters (for Obama), because I can't stand to be stuck to the screen in agony either.

However, watching Cspan helps because they discuss rationally, don't outshout each other, and it's often civil academics instead of sloganspinning partisans. So I can at least BEAR the discussion!

I'm so sorry you guys are stuck with Palin, maybe a moose will gore her on her next hunt.