Friday, October 10, 2008

Palin "Troopergate" report released

The Branchflower (Troopergate) report was UNANIMOUSLY voted to be released today, finding Palin did abuse her power. Alaskans were shocked.

Okay, not really.

It was actually kind of an interesting reaction I saw. Relief that the report was released and not squashed, but also like, "Well... yeah. The report pretty much confirms what we know about her now." I think people were so caught up in the "officialness" of what it would say that we (okay, maybe just I) didn't realize that the fact that she and her administration heavily pressured Monegan, and others, to get Wooten fired is out there and... well, FACT. Todd Palin confirmed it in writing, Palin held a press conference admitting she "discovered" some members of her administration "may have" pressured Monegan. And the recorded tape confirming that.

I only skimmed the 200 and something page report though, so I'm going to hunker down this weekend and actually read the whole of it. The link above will take you to the ADN story on it, and they have a pdf copy for the interested.

Some other places to go for more on the release of the report and Troopergate in general:

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Mudflats has a really good account of actually waiting outside the council's door all day (yeesh). A bit from the blog:

Stoltze (one of the legislators): He had some differences with the report, but thought the process was thorough. Felt the release of the report was a “no brainer.” It utilized public funds, and is a public document. He said he had received hundreds of emails from all over the country urging him to vote to release the report, and was hoping if the report was released he’d be able to get through his inbox again...

...When Stoltze talked about all the emails he received, you could see the knowing looks on the faces of all those who were there. They knew they had an important decision to make, and they knew that people across the world were watching...

...It isn’t often that good people resist political pressure and do the right thing. I’ve seen things like this go the wrong way, time and time again. Today renewed my faith in the political process. I think I’m going to send out one more set of 12 emails saying, “Thank you."

Some other news of interest:

The angry McCain/Palin rally people have gotten the McCain camp some bad press lately, and in McCain finally addressed it. Of course, he was booed for saying we should treat Obama with respect.

Though I do like the part where he says you don't need to be "scared" of an Obama presidency (their basic campaign strategy at this point.) But even in an interview with McCain and Palin on Fox (and I can't BELIEVE I'm quoting this from Fox) when talking about the withdrawal from Iraq, Hannity mentions that Palin has "used the word dangerous" about Obama in the debate. Palin, "Yes."

HANNITY: Beyond naive, beyond irresponsible. Dangerous for the American people.


One of McCain's most smear-worthy ads out (in which he seems to create the image that Obama is bad-talking our troops when the speech he took the comment out of is ironically trying to get the troops more resources) the woman ominously says of Obama - "How dangerous..."

So he's dangerous... but we shouldn't be scared?

McCain can only play on the fears of Americans now, and it's pretty blatant now - it's just a bit funny that he's now forced to correct some of the fervor he's stirred up. Will Palin now be forced to say something to her crowds when they yell things like, "Kill him!" or shout racial slurs at members of the attending media? So far she hasn't, but the polls certainly haven't improved for them since they started the outright fear campiagn (instead of just the undercurrent one.)

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