Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obama's first 100 days - whaddya think?

As Obama hits his first 100 days, well, don't know that I'm exactly qualified to be judging his job, but for the issues I care most about, pretty good job. "A" for effort, certainly.

One thing I had hoped he would have by now is one of his campiagn promises to Indian country -a Native senior advisor. I figured he'd have this position filled within the 100 days - and certainly before the puppy situation was settled! I'm sure there's a lot of top positions yet to be filled, but I'm ready for the names to stop dangling in front of me (including two Alaska Native women!) and for the position to be filled! There's some good opportunities slipping by...

Still, Obama has had some Native history made already, in his first 100 days, so I suppose I should stop my complaining. From a record increase in the Indian Health Services budget to the first Native woman appointed to the top position at IHS, there's some looking up in that area. And he's not just appointing Native people to jobs serving other Native people - he's appointed some big Native guns to positions across the administration.

Quick and easy!

And some other Native and/or Obama first 100 days bits:

Tribal leaders attend planting of organic garden at the USDA.

Meetings in Indian country about economic stimulus (Indian Country Today,) as well as the National Congress of the American Indians page/Web site about it.

Sec. of the Interior Salazar announces $500 million for tribes in stimulus. (RezNet)

Polls on the first 100 days are pretty good for Obama, except for the torture memo thing (from the Washington Post.)

Huffington Post's collection of articles, photos on his first 100 days.

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