Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rural affairs job lost... then back

From the Tundra Drums:

Former Bethel and Chevak resident Amy Sparck Dobmeier received an employment reprieve of sorts Wednesday when acting Anchorage Mayor Matt Claman moved the city’s rural affairs coordinator into the Office of the Mayor.

Basically, the position was cut, and then Claman moved it so it wasn't. Croft said he would keep the position, Sullivan wouldn't commit. We'll see, when the new mayor is crowned, just what ultimately happens with this position.

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KaJo said...

I was musing just 2 days ago over at Alaska Standard (where I tend to get into mild polite disagreements with the conservative "staff" writers there), when I wrote the following:

"You conclude wrongly that Eric Croft, because he doesn't support the Pebble mine, also would deny "development of our resources".

You conclude wrongly that Dan Sullivan, in not taking a stand (you phrase it that he "would not make a commitment" and make that sound like a GOOD thing), is waiting to "judge the value of the position".

Oh, c'mon! Are YOU saying that the Rural Affairs Coordinator is a "mid-level management" position that can be axed because of a budget shortfall? Seems to me it's a rather important position that would report directly to the Mayor, hm? Why is it the "rurals" always get short shrift from conservative politicians and certain "staff writers"?

Then you have the temerity to criticize Croft for saying "budget restraint is good" as if to say he should be whacking jobs and vital city services right and left (after which he'd be roundly criticized, I'll bet). I doubt police and firemen are lining up right behind Sullivan as he "reminded people" that he's ready to ax their retirement funds. No wonder conservatives want to eliminate unions."

Hmmm. Makes you wonder if elected officials in Alaska read blogs, doesn't it? :)