Monday, April 13, 2009

Updates on politcs in Indian Country

If you're wondering how the stimulus is affecting tribal entities and other Native interests so far, Maia of Own the Sidewalk pointed out this excellent site a while back that I've now come to haunt:

Indian Country Works

It's put on by the National Congress of American Indians, and is excellent. I would love to say our own state has organized the information half as well...

And in the White House, Indian Country Today did an article about additional Native appointments being done, NOT just in the BIA, but other divisions of the government. They also honed in on EchoHawk, a bit of a controversial figure in Indian country, and Obama wants him for the BIA.

I still am wondering who's going to get that senior advisor position though. There has already been some decisions that I wish a Native senior advisor was in place for. I loved that this was a campaign promise in the first place, and since we've heard of various vettings for the position, I'm hoping it's more because he wants to do a careful job of this appointment than he's forgotten about it, or doesn't consider it as that important.

In the state Native politics arena, well.... all I can say is, "WAR! What is it good for?" and let you fill in the rest of that. And that WAR is Wayne Anthony Ross.

Palin's pick for AG is being heavily opposed by Native groups, including the Alaska Federation of Natives, and the house and senate hearings for him went on last week. If you're an Alaskan, I invite you to read some of the blogs I note below, and see if this is who you want as the top legal authority in this state. If not, e-mail, or call your legislators TODAY and let your voice be heard.

If you're not Alaskan, I invite you to read the blogs too. Look at the people Palin is trying to place in the top spots, and THEN try and visualize who she'd try and put in the top spots were she president.

Progressive Alaska (Phil did some excellent research, even pulling up old op-eds that WAR did)
Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis
The Immoral Minority
Bent Alaska
Meet Sarah!

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