Friday, June 20, 2008

Heading to Denver

Celtic Diva announced the "Blue Oasis" team heading to the Democratic National Convention on her blog today, and I'm proud to report that I'm part of that team. Celtic Diva has already helped me out quite a bit with my blog, not to mention being the "last straw" to get me moving with a blog at all. To be able to report back an Alaska Native voice from the convention is a huge opportunity, especially at such a historic convention to begin with.

I want to really focus on issues and topics important to the Alaska Native people. This election is historic for many reasons, but one I am most excited about is the focus on the Native people of this country. The campaigning in Indian Country is one thing, however, it's what happens after November that will really be important.



Dale said...

Hey, congratulations! This whole country will benefit from you being there to share your perspective and perhaps to influence some folks.

kid said...

Hey sis, wot's up. I'm from the Brick City(Cleveland,Ohio) so we both know about cold.Watch your back in Denver. a lot of Hillary supporters(fake democrats)are trying to start stuff.Come to my blog sometime. since you're going ask them this , if they could star a WPA program like Roosevelt did to help the unemployable. Let me know about Alaska issues .Can I add you to my blogroll?I always ask ,later.

Unknown said...

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