Saturday, June 14, 2008

I've advanced to 1995 at least

I just watched an ad for a showing of "The Net" with Sandra Bullock, and wow - what amazing technology! I remember all the computer stuff being pretty high tech when that came out, and she's using floppy discs.

The encouraging part of all of this is that I have at least accomplished some of what Sandra Bullock accomplished 13 years ago. IMing, saving files, logging onto Web sites... not so much the running from people who want to kill me or capturing bad guys in their web of lies and high-techery.

I heard a rumor (from a guy who came up to train some of us at work) that we're pretty connected in Alaska. I checked out some of the statistics, and it does look like we're doing okay. We rank 1st in percentage of the population with access to the Internet (of all 50 states and D.C.) and 2nd in percentage of the population with a computer in the home. I guess remoteness does have its benefits.

With this in mind, I am ever more encouraged to represent the "most connected" state well. First things first - learn how to operate a MySpace page.


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