Sunday, June 8, 2008

On a lighter note...I feel old.

I had a "Back in my day..." moment today, and thought I might share it with the world. Granted, I was born in the 80's and even Generation Xers are all older than me, so taken with a grain of "get over it" -

I gave a five-year old I was watching a toy to play with as we began a decently long drive. I thought she'd like it - it was a little plastic bear, like the kind from school sandboxes, and she's really into animals. I used to love playing with an uncle's miniature animal collection when I was small (Here's the back in my day...) so I was actually a little proud of passing the torch.

Her response to all 20 seconds of playing with it?

"Hey - the batteries in this are broken."



Unknown said...

Cute story ... made me laugh out loud! I needed a good laugh, it's been one of those days here! Thanks!

Dale said...

Funny story!

I'm at an age where I been surprised to find myself thinking "kids these days have it so easy."

I've become an old codger!! Ack!

Anonymous said...

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