Friday, June 6, 2008

A Little Bit of Research

I've been looking at blogs on and off all day, and though my head hasn't quite stopped spinning, there are some things that definitely struck me when looking especially for Alaska Native sites and blogs - there just aren't that many.
Oh, there are useful sites, but pretty sparse, and just not that many Alaska Native blogs. The majority I've found to be geared towards "Native American." I get blank looks sometimes when I say that Alaska Native and Native American are very different, but the difference between Yup'ik and Tlingit is great too. Don't get me wrong, there's strong connections as well.
But so much of my past is rooted in things like the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Alaska Native Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Russian exploration and the unique cultures of the state I love so much. If there are readers, by the way, who know of a good one, please let me know!
Not that I've figured out how to work that particular feature yet...


CelticDiva said...

I don't think there are any Alaska Native bloggers out least not anyone that strongly identifies themselves as Native.

There was one Native American blog I used to read but he stopped writing in January.

You are blazing trails!

Unknown said...

Blaze that trail! Fearlessly! I so appreciated your comments on my blog. So often a blogger feels they are writing just to be writing. In my case, that is OK ... I need to be doing something as a disabled man.

But you, you have a unique and wonderful voice to bring to the table. Tell these people about the life of Native Alaskan woman in this century. It is a story that needs telling on the Net. And you are the one to tell it. Be bold, just talk about your life as it happens ... what you are thinking about ... what troubles you and what brings you joy in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

And remember to have FUN!

Ishmael said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Hope you have a tough skin unless you're going to write about flowers or knitting! ;-)

I rarely point out on my blog that I'm Yupik, except when I blast my Native corp for being a-holes. In all reality, though, I'm pretty assimilated. Since I moved from Yupik country my (limited) language skills have eroded (Alutiiq is similar, but not quite the same).

I do, however, still crave some salmonberry agutuk with strips and seal oil regularly. And yes, there is a chunk of muktuk in my freezer, a gift from a friend up north.

There's a guy out in St. George who's Native and blogs, as well as a couple guys over on the peninsula, but I don't have their urls handy.

CelticDiva said...

Crap...I stand corrected!

But thanks, Ishmael, for pointing out something I've been trying to's impossible to tell (unless you've been reading someone's blog for a long time) the ethnicity of many bloggers. Some of us (me) have it right there on our virtual sleeves, so to speak while some folks even hide their gender!

Writing Raven said...

The search continues, without much to show for the hunt. I don't even need to really search out ethnicity - if anyone of any race was blogging about Alaska Native issues, that would be great. Well, I guess it would depend on WHAT they were blogging about...
In any case, I am so encouraged to write more by the encouragement of those posting, as well as the lack of Alaska Native blogging I've seem to find.

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