Tuesday, June 17, 2008

60 years as an "almost" monument

Interesting article on the Crazy Horse mountain sculpture (supposed to be much bigger than Rushmore) turning 60, and still not finished. I've never seen it, but would love to get a chance.

Another good article from last year about Mt. Rushmore vs. Crazy Horse, and some interesting connections between them.

I would actually love to take a road trip across the Lower 48, visiting some really interesting Native American sites and events, including:

Navajo National Park
Wounded Knee
Gathering of Nations
Institute of American Indian Art
National Museum of the American Indian
Chief Joseph's grave

Does anybody know any more? I haven't spent much time in the Lower 48 to know good sites to visit. I thought about Little Big Horn, but I've heard that much of it is a monument to Custer.

My true dream vacation would be a long road trip visiting these sites and much more of this country. Who's with me!?

I'll buy the food, you buy the gas.



Dale said...

OMG, buy the gas?! If only cars ran on something inexpensive, such as emeralds and rubies. LOL

Seriously, you given me food for thought. I drove from California to Iowa once, and now regret that I didn't stop along the way (except to sleep... I did do that). I will have to plan my next trip better.

liminka said...

Visit "Sky City," Acoma Pueblo one hr. west of Albuquerque on I-40. Special events twice a year allow observation of sacred passages, twice a year. Considered the longest inhabited community in North America. Buses transport visitors up the mesa, a visitor's center is located at the base.
Canyon de Chelly National Monument; Chinle, AZ, on Navajo & Hopi lands. A national park, w/a restaurant which features beautiful woven Navajo wall hangings, fabulous views similar to the Grand Canyon with Anasazi ruins.
Earl's Restaurant in Gallup, NM: Great place to buy Native jewelry from vendors who visit the tables; fun place, pleasant atmosphere, fair food.
Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ: Don't miss this place, absolutely phenomenal, probably one the of the best in the U.S. focusing on Native American cultures.

Unknown said...

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