Monday, June 16, 2008

I was checking out the "Native Vote" Web site, and noticed (since its big and bold right there on the first page) that Alaska is one of the "targeted Native Vote states" listed.

This election has been historic in its targeting of Native issues and the courting of Alaska Native and American Indian vote. I am excited (eager!) to find out just what the Native people will do in this election.

Here's one of the past articles done about the Native American vote this election.

Unfortunately, there is very little data to go on in voting for candidates with strong Native American issue backgrounds. There are statewide politicians I can support, because of their stand on issues they must face, but on a national level, it is a very easy demographic (historically) to ignore.

Let us just hope what Sen. Obama says will soon come to pass:

"We've got to make sure we are not just having a BIA that is dealing with the various Native American tribes; we've got to have the President of the United States meeting on a regular basis with the Native American leadership and ensuring relationships of dignity and respect."

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