Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#64 - #62 Top 100 Bush Moments

In honor of the big celebration so many Alaskans are having tonight, and in honor of Sen. Stevens birthday, I'm offering up some of Bush's celebration/birthday moments.

#62 Best (or Worst) Bush Moment

The man really can't dance, but that sure doesn't stop him from trying... all over the world...

#63 Best (or Worst) Bush Moment

This has a bit of the above dancing as well, but I really like the second, much, much more awkward dancing. You can just feel the "get me outta here" dripping from him. Maybe it's not Bush's war policies and active destruction of other countries that makes him so unpopular - maybe it's the lack of groove...

#64 Worst Bush Moment

And of course, Bush's most famous birthday debacle, the Hurricane Katrina birthday party. On the day Katrina hit, this shows what Bush was up to...

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