Saturday, November 15, 2008

Secretary Speculation

Okay, I’ve seen a new “short list” (who knows how these things are actually playing out) and I must say, my mind is askew now on the potential Secretary of the Interior selections.

I’ve seen a lot of comments on how the Secretary of State, Defense, etc. are the “real selections,” the big ones to try and get, or Commerce for that matter, but the other ones aren’t just placeholders! For most Native people, the Department of the Interior is a shadow over you from birth. It holds the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and can have a great sway in Native life.

I first mentioned this when it looked as if one of the Secretary of the Interior short listed people could be Alaska former Gov. Tony Knowles. Nothing like our current governor, I promise. Has been quite involved in Native issues, not to mention major land management issues. Although he disappointed many Native people at the end of his second term, he has a strong history of supporting Native issues and Native people.

But now I’ve heard another hat thrown in the ring for Secretary of the Interior, and that’s Gov. Bill Richardson. Although I’m not as familiar with him as our former governor, he’s well known around the “Native nations” for his strong support of Native issues in his own state. He’s impressed me quite a bit this past year with his common sense approach to many issues, and the many, many, many occasions on which he appeared to campaign for Obama. He's een mentioned for both Secretary of State and Secretary of the Interior.

Now, I must admit there’s a Tony Knowles home state bias here – I’ve met the guy! (along with half of Alaska). But I would call it victory if Gov. Richardson got in, too.

After listening to the news about Hillary on the short list as well, I wonder that she’s not on the short list for Secretary of Health and Human Services? I KNOW, I know – it’s not the prestigious one, but really! Hillary’s baby is her health care plan – why not let her go for what she’s passionate about?

Of course, that’s not the way politics works… but hey. One can dream.

And John McCain a possibility? Really? This is sounding more and more like a TV show I love...

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