Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The polls are open...

Okay, they're not really open up here for another six hours. But my election day insomnia has kept me awake long enough to watch the polls open in ten states, including a bunch of battleground states. By the way, if you are in one of those states and you waited in one of those horrendously long lines, the next time you make it to Alaska, I would like to buy you a drink!

I don't understand why there are still undecideds, but there seem to be. So I will both cast my (public) vote, and make a last ditch effort for both Alaskans and non-Alaskans alike.


Barack Obama

For me personally, his Native American plans are pretty key, but if you're really wondeirng where he wants to take the country, his website is a big help. Early childhood education, the war in Iraq, health care and the environment - there are many, many issues that I agree with Obama about. I've previously covered some endorsements by major Native American leaders and organizations, and it really is because they see their future as best in the hands of Obama.


Mark Begich

Much has been made of this election, as one of the senate seats that could very well switch parties. But outside of paty politics, I wish people could really take a look at Anchorage before Mark, and Anchorage after. It wasn't a cesspool before, so I think people don't get the contrast as much. But we're much improved, we have so much development, yet unprecedented measures taken for the environment. My household is now able to do curbside recycling! Add to this a great candidate to advocate for Native issues, education and early childhood plans that make sense, and finally someone who is looking at the social problems as problems to fix.


Ethan Berkowitz

To this, I hope I do not do a disservice to Berkowitz in acknowledging I don't know much about him except for his stated issues, and a few public appearances. I agree with most of the stands he takes on the issues, but hope to see him take some strong stands, and get work done, in the future for Rural Alaska and Alaska Native people, energy (not just oil, but real energy reform) and education. Everything I've seen points to a smart, energized candidate, and that is enough for me to give him a chance for the the next few years.

Now if you haven't voted yet - stop reading. Go vote.


Nita Van Zandt said...

I'm in NH, where my poll opened at 6 am. Long line that moved fast, took 20 min. They had doubled the number of voting booths (we mark paper, feed it into a counting machine).

I was in Alaska in June, am now addicted to Alaskan blogs!

Go Obama!

vthib said...

Congrats on a long, arduous fight! I know you put a lot of time and effort into this. I'm so proud of you!
Auntie You