Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama checks two things off my list in one press conference!

I was very pleased to go to a link Mudflats had pointed out, and be reassured how much President Elect Obama rocks!

I had posted a few days ago that one of my "honey-do" list items for Obama was to keep up what he's been doing with the Internet outreach, the accessability of his campaign, so it could really be a government "of the people, by the people and for the people."

It took a few seconds of joy before just getting really excited about the fact that he's done just that.!

It is not something just flung up in a few days, so his people have clearly been working on just that. You can check out the issues, get the news updates and blog, apply for an Obama administration job, and (my favorite parts) there are a few places to share your story, and share your vision for the country.

What made me even happier was to listen to Obama's first press conference as President Elect. It is something that he mentions just briefly, but it made me take notice - he joked that the puppy issue was the most commented on issue on the Web site. Seriously, have we ever had a president who was aware what people were talking about on the government Web site? For that matter, have we ever had a president that in touch with how the world is working?

Okay, I doubt seriously that Obama is scanning the blogs each night as he goes to bed and checking the forums, but hey, nobody burst my bubble on that visual.

One item checked off my list already....

But there was another item he already addressed, and that is the all-important puppy issue. As tongue-in-cheek as you can get about the gravity of this, it was actually a funny-topic-but-it-would-show-a-lot-about-leadership kind of idea to get a puppy from a shelter. How tickled was I when Obama announced in the same press conference that they would like to get a puppy from a shelter?

Check a second item off the list. Okay, so he hasn't actually done that yet, but I also get that it might be hard to be sure you're getting a hypo-allergenic one from the pound, so I'm getting him a check on this one prematurely.

I would also like to repeat my plea for the serious consideration of former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles for Secretary of the Interior. I PROMISE you that he is NOTHING like our current governor. Really. I would never have thought of this until I saw the possibility in the news, and as soon as I saw it knew how perfect it would be. Or he would be.

And America, make sure you check out the President Elect's site. I've also attached his first press conference.

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