Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Palin's blogger comment

I was annoyed at Palin's comment (I heard it last night - believe it aired the day before?) about bloggers, but this post on Open Salon was pretty good about it.

The clip (below) was basically a comment discrediting (all?) "false allegations" against her (which seems to be her new favorite phrase now that the terrorists, Ayers and lipstick words have gone the way of her vice-presidential candidacy.) These false allegations are to be discredited because the media probably got it from some blogger sitting in their parent's basement in their pajamas.

This reminded me a bit of the community organizer comment she made (useless and mean-spirited) but a bit dumber. She might be reminded of that quote:

"Don't pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel."

She's taking on "the media," "journalism," and now bloggers too? What's funny if you watch parts of the Matt Lauer interview, she goes between blaming the media for the loss and (no kidding) talking about how she wished she could have done more interviews because the media is how you get your message out there.

From the Open Salon post:

And the irony is that her worst moment with the media in the campaign just concluded came not from a blogger in pajamas, but from well-dressed Katie Couric on mainstream CBS, who asked Sarah Palin what newspapers she read, and she couldn't name a single one.

Maybe she was getting her news from some blog...

I really don't think she understands that when you take a huge bunch of people, lump them all into one and dismiss them - or mock them, as she seems to like - it doesn't help your case any.

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Pat R said...

seriously, Palin, just know what you're talking about and stop making excuses.