Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Law and Order references Palin's family

Did anyone catch Law and Order: Special Victims tonight?

It was a story about a group of teenage girls who made a pact to become pregnant. One of the girls eventually commits suicide.

But one of the girl's excuses about "What's the big deal?" about teenage pregnancy is the "vice president lady's" daughter is pregnant.

The slew of pop culture references Palin and her family have spouted grows... though this is the most serious and to-the-gut commentary I've seen so far. The mention is made right before one of the detectives goes on a long monologue about the dangers of teenage pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

There was a similar one last night (?) on Boston Legal, I think

Unknown said...

I just finished watching last night’s “Law and Order” episode. I am not a Sarah Palin supporter but I have to admit that I was very insulted by the under-handed reference to Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Whatever influence Bristol’s pregnancy would have had on American teenagers, had her mother been elected to the Vice-Presidency, is negligible compared to the damage caused by NBC’s storied drama. To add insult to injury the Law and Order character was portrayed as a naive, self serving brat who eventually commits suicide.

Shame on Dick Wolf and NBC.

Unknown said...

Sorry, the character was murdered.

Anonymous said...

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