Sunday, November 16, 2008

#65 Top 100 Bush Moments

#65 Best (or Worst) Bush Moments

This one kind of gives you a two for one - I really hated watching Bush debates because of the constant smirking and "can you believe this guy" expressions of Bush. Well, that and his constant lying and inability to answer. But I love that this one shows both the lying in the debate, and the carelessness of Bush about Bin Laden just six months after 9/11. He "didn't really think about him" that much.

I can gaurantee Bush that a whole lot of people in America were thinking about Bin Laden quite a bit six months after 9/11, and thought it was pretty important. And I don't think it's stretching it to say there just might be a few who STILL think about him... regardless of what the president thinks.

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