Monday, December 22, 2008

#31 - #29 Top 100 Bush Moments

*sigh* Isn't he gone yet?

I confess that every time I see Bush in the news now, it's sort of this, "Wow - he's STILL there?" Ever since Obama got elected, I just can't see the purpose in dragging this out. Especially since the likelihood of me winning some inaugural lottery and being able to go to the ceremony is out, I'm all for Obama running down to some courthouse, paying some sort of fee, and getting sworn in today. Or flying to Vegas. Betcha they can get it done quick...

In any case, we're under 30 days at least!

#29 Best (or Worst) Top Bush moment

It is amazing how childish Bush can look so much of the time. And now we know what happens when you let an immature bully into the White House. But this does kind of make you chuckle - how the international community is treating him now that he's definitely on his way out. Like the outcast kid. I think they should still be nice - Bush certainly has the capacity to screw them over before he heads out!


But ignoring Bush is not left to foreign diplomats alone. Here's Bush trying to wave and get the attention of his adoring public in North Carolina. Or... not so adoring.


And if ignoring just isn't enough, what does it sound like when a whole stadium people - in Washington - show their appreciation for Bush? The booing is pretty obvious, but for full effect, listen to the tone of the crowd when the owner is announced vs. the president. The quickest pitch by a president ever.

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