Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Favorite Blog Updates

Being so long (yes, a week and a half is actually pretty long!) out of the blogosphere and news in general, I find most of my time has been spent catching up on what's been going on. And there's LOTS. So instead of trying to comment on way old news, I'm going to show you some of my favorite blogs and sites (mostly Alaskan) and what they're writing about:

Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis

Celtic Diva's seems to be keeping the coals hot under Palin's feet, and I think one of the more under-reported (lately) is the continued story of Palin's clothes. It is the most easily dismissed - Palin herself dashes those attacks aside like they are frivolous to talk about her clothes in times of such trouble. But we're talking about $250,000 here! Which is just the amount they went after (and convicted) Ted Stevens for. I won't argue about who maybe wore a single jacket, or even who gave who a designer handbag. Still corrupt, but whatever. But $250,000!? It's not the only issue Diva's talking about, but she definitely updated me on some possible big repercussions.

Progressive Alaska

Latest post: Walt Monegan refuses to rule out run for governor

One word: YEAA!!!


Mudflats gives some of the most thorough reporting of Ted and Palin news, and caught my attention to something I've kind of forgotten about. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I remember, when hearing about it, that I thought Palin was one of two things after the birth of her baby:

1) Totally lying. Really? You were "leaking" in Texas, still gave a speech, boarded a plane, flew for eight hours, drove past three hospitals (and the fact that she could have gone to ANMC is a sore point I will cover soon!) to go to the Valley and have her baby?

2) Incredibly irresponsible. You already know your baby is likely to have some troubles right off the bat, but you do all of the above anyways? If I have children, I'd like to have them be born in Alaska too, but I'm not willing to put he or she at risk - not to mention putting everyone on board the plane to some pretty serious inconvenienve - just so that can happen.

Meet Sarah!

One of the sites created to make sure everyone really gets to know our dear governor, this site is both funny and unfortunately true. One of the more important posts (I think) lately is the coverage of the Alaskans for Truth. Many Alaskan blogs are taking part (I've been lately negligent on my own) but this is a great post for an overview and "What can I do?" answered.

Own the Sidewalk

Maia bemoans her seeming role as "Gossip Girl," but it's an important role! How else would I learn about these things and begin to have hope!? This rumor is about the potential for two democratic gubernatorial candidates - Hollis French and Les Gara. That would be too tough a primary for me, so they would have to work it out beforehand. Really. Though there's a possibility, if Palin were to take on Murkowski, it would be VERY beneficial to vote on the Republican ballot in the primaries. Ugh. I already have a headache two years in advance.

Kodiak Konfidential

A bit serious of late, Ishmael can usually make me laugh, no matter what horrors have been in the news. He gives them a true, and humorous, spin. But I really liked his Thanksgiving post - again both true and humorous, and (dare I say it?) touching.

I know, I know. You all know about the official Office of the President Elect's site. RIGHT? But it is taking shape more and more, and I'm hopeful as to what is going to develop here for a real citizen involvement in the government.

Presidential Pup

All right, don't take this one too seriously. Especially because the AKC is taking this VERY seriously. The funny part about this site is that it's not being funny at all. They have some very serious considerations for Obama on his PUREBRED choice. I hope they are able to get a rescued mutt, but cute puppies are fun to look at! And as Ms. Palin reminded us, we all need a little bit of levity...

Not a site, but WOOHOO!! Bill Richardson as Commerce Secretary! So far, it's going to be a GREAT cabinet. Now just one more push for former Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles as Interior Secretary....

And by the way, I really want to thank everyone who has commented, called and e-mailed recently. I don't really know how to respond "correctly," but believe me, it is appreciated, and felt. It was a bit of a sad day - the first of the memorials at work - but I really was lifted up when I got home and actually started reading what has been left.

Thank you.



Ishmael said...

Me, touching?

.... um, you're over 18, right?

Maia said...

Glad you're back in the saddle, Raven.

I'm totally keeping my fingers crossed for Tony. Pre-election, he told at least one of my coworkers that he had been approached by the Obama team, although he wasn't sure he was going to take it if offered. Post-election, his lips are sealed. And my thought is, I don't care how much you love splitting your time between Alaska and Hawaii — if BHO calls and offers you SoI, you pack up your khakis and ship out to DC.

Writing Raven said...

Ishmael - Uhh, changed my mind on that.

Maia - He better be playing coy with the "not sure if I'm taking it" approach. If it's a matter of sunny beaches, I will promise to look the other way if Knowles feels the need to take several trips a year to check on the Bureau of Indian Affair's offices in Hawaii. Or Florida, California. We might have one in American Samoa. Those tribes need checking up on, and he's just the man to do it.

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