Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back again.

I've been out of the blogger loop for awhile, and hopefully my post from Nov. 21 (two posts down) will explain why. But between all the funerals, memorials services, bad news and more bad news, there's been time for laughs as well.

I've been staying out of most of the news for awhile (the last thing I needed was extensive coverage on more bombings and people getting killed during shopping) but have picked up a few nuggets.

The most slow "bombshell" of which has been Clinton being named to Obama's cabinet. I mean, the "official" announcement yesterday was... well, it lacked the "surprise" that a bombshell generally gets. If there was one person who didn't know about it yet, that would have been the bombshell.

I also got my first Christmas decoration of the year today - a bright red tree. Oh yes. If I could, I would drape the walls in deep red and call it good, but for now, a gaudy, half-foil red Christmas tree is the best I can manage. The "Christmas spirit" hasn't quite caught on, as it has in the past (I think some Obama-celebration hangover is mostly to blame,) but promises of peppermint ice cream and secret Santa's will probably take care of that soon enough.

So, the memorial/remembrance services aren't over yet - neither of them are, actually - but it seems many of us have rediscovered one of life's truths. That it does, in fact, go on.

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