Sunday, December 14, 2008

#35 Top Bush Moments - Just happened today!

With 35 days left to go, the #35 Top Bush Moment just happened today (technically, yesterday.) I saw the pic on Kodiak Konfidential and had to check it out myself. Actually, this would be MUCH higher on my list if it weren't also news worthy.

For those that missed it, Bush is doing his "farewell" tour of Iraq (the happiest tour yet for all those in Iraq.) During a press conference, an Iraqi reporter hurled TWO shoes at President Bush. There are two videos below with different angles.

First, you gotta give it up for Dubya's reflexes. It's almost as if he's been anticipating things being hurled at him (especially in Iraq) for a long time and been in training.

Second, I'm wondering if the Secret Service are really all that concerned about keeping Bush alive at this point. Now, regardless of the fact that it was a shoe, aren't the Secret Service guys supposed to jump out in front and take the bullet... er... whatever? This guy gets TWO shoes off before he's tackled, and he doesn't have them ready. He actually has to reach down and take his shoe off the second time, and there's still nobody hurling their body in front of Bush. One guy sort of lopes up after the fact, and Bush kind of waves him off. Maybe I've seen too many movies, but what if there was something IN one of those shoes? Like, you know, something that goes "BOOM!"? I am kind of imagining that the Secret Service, long ago, were like, "Alright Bushie, we'll do all the prep and metal detector type stuff, but something comes flying at ya, you're on your own." Must be why he's worked on the "ducking."

Third, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

P.S. All joking aside, I'm expecting WAY better service from the Secret Service for Obama. I mean, I can't stand Bush, but he is our PRESIDENT. Shouldn't we be making an attempt to at least bat the shoe away, like the guy standing at the podium with him?


Ishmael said...

Best analysis of the shoe attack anywhere!

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