Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ode to the Boys in Blue... and Black... and Khaki

One of the markedly different things about the Denver convention last week, as compared to other big events, was the sheer amount of force apparent in the streets. A lot of bloggers commented on this, and some Denver people were calling it "overkill." This picture beside is a good example of what was present on nearly every street corner.

Yet I have my own fondness for these guys, and you better believe we felt safe. Despite predictions and the huge warehouse they had prepared for arrests, there was only something like 12 arrests, and the protests were relatively peaceful.

I've been hearing a lot again about the "overkill" and now forcefulness of the police because of the Minneapolis arrests, teargassing and flash-bang grenades used on crowds. I don't know what's going on in Minneapolis, but in Denver the police couldn't have been better. They were professional and courteous, even to those asking for pictures, and we talked to many that were very helpful. Police from all over Colorado were brought in, not to mention Secret Service and who knows who else, and the convention couldn't have been safer.

In light of this, I give the "Denver Boys in Blue Awards."

No, they don't really win anything...

...it's just a bunch of pictures really..

Ones Who Made You Think Most About Assasinations

The snipers/lookouts on top of the boxes over Invesco Field during the last day of the convention. I found out later I wasn't the only one that kept watching these guys, especially when they were lugging their big guns around...

Worst Gig

The guys on the railings over Invesco Field. It was HOT out there. Cloudless sky and something like 500 degrees (okay, I'm from Alaska,) these guys baked.

Freakiest Single Moment
(Followed closely by the Funniest Single Moment)

When the boys were called in for this left-behind backpack. It wasn't freaky until the guy alerted him to something they actually found. Those of us at the Light Rail Station when they found this suddenly went, "Oh... maybe we shouldn't be so close..."

Until they actually pulled out the "discovery." Let's just say there's a possibility this may have been Snoop Dogg's backpack...

Most Socially Conscious

This guy from the Green Sunday concert. He kept picking up stray beer bottles and the like and bringing them to the recycling bin. Appropriate for the venue...

Would like to know where he got his shiner though.

Happiest Cops

For whatever reason, the cops on the motorcycles really liked their gig. Better than horses, bicycles or by foot, I guess.


These vans were just everywhere, and you thought they were just vans until a dozen cops piled out. They could come from anywhere...

Most Exhausting to Watch

The bicycle cops traveled in big packs, and one night as I walked along this long outside "mall," I think they must have passed by me a dozen times, nearly mowing over people at least half as many times. I began to doubt they were patrolling, and believe they may actually just have been training for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Most Impressive

They knew they looked cool.

These guys in fully decked out enforcer gear held onto big SUV's with lights going, swooping around the protest marches.

I think they're the reason the protestors were moving at a ridiculously fast pace.

Most Photographed

Who doesn't like horsies? They tried ignoring all the cameras shoved in their faces, but I think the horses got a complex by the end of it. Good thing Pac Sun outfitted them first...

Hottest Cops (literally)

These guys had to be roasting. The few I got near had sweat pouring down the little bit of face they had showing. They were NOT moving quickly as they patrolled around.

Most Fun to Watch
These guys were either Secret Service or two security gaurds on a power trip. They stood outside this hair salon forever, denying people trying to get in, like this couple. Whenever someone would come up to talk to them, the other would turn around. Don't know the policy on that, but they had to deny a whole lot of people.
I still want to know who was in the salon...

Biggest "Ah Ha" Moment

As we were trying to get inside this hotel to get media credentials, this troop of mounted police officers stood out there forever - hours. We even went inside, got the credentials, bought some stuff, came out to wait, and they were still there, just seeming to wait, not watching what all the other police were watching.
It wasn't for quite a while that the protestors came by, and they went into action. Very slow action, but we finally got why they were stationed there. Mostly to just add the parade-like feeling.

Good job Denver (and Colorado) police forces! The next time I need a police force thousands strong for a big bash I'm throwing, I'll remember your number (it's still 911, right?)
Okay, stupid joke. But thanks anyways.

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