Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The search for Palin supporting Native issues

Finally, in my searching, I have found something "positive" about regarding Alaska Natives people and Sarah Palin. During her campaign to become governor, I was frustrated to hear again and again, when I would bring up concern about her lack of attention to Native issues, "But her husband is Alaska Native!"

This was the refrain, with nothing to back it up. I've finally found a supportive article about Palin and Native issues. Unfortunately, it's more of the same:

"Sarah Palin on Native people"

The letter is written to address the "rumor circulating that Sarah Palin is against Native people." But, once again, the only support that comes out is, "Her husband Todd is a Yupik Eskimo from Dillingham." No policies, no record of support for Native issues, nothing but a quick hello and a photo-op.

Unfortunately, this holds about as much weight as the defense used when people defend their prejudice by saying, "But I have black friends!" It only has meaning when there is action behind it.

Sarah is not a supporter of Alaska Native people, issues or culture. Even in her "official issue statements" as she ran for governor, there is plenty of opportunity to address Alaska Native issues. But the closest she gets, in subsistence, is to point out that she is raising her children in the "Alaska culture" by going hunting and fishing. Huge opportunity lost.

In contrast, nearly every other candidate or incumbent for pretty much every major office in Alaska has at least a small part devoted to Alaska Native issues, or mentions the Alaska Native plan on individual issues.

But our governor has not.

I would love to support someone with a possibility of having the president's ear, to be able to remind him that there are Alaska Native and American Indian people and issues that need to be looked at. Unfortunately, Sarah Palin has shown she will not be that person, whether she was elected or not.

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Boredalfox said...

Gee, my wife is a full blooded Yup'ik. I live close to Russia, and I've got a bunch of kids that I dearly love. Guess I'm qualifed to be Vice President too.

On November 4th vote for me!!