Monday, January 12, 2009

#10 - #7 Top Bush Moments - ONE WEEK LEFT!

Okay. I'm officially excited. I think I can now safely say I am MORE excited that Obama will be getting sworn in than that Bush will no longer be in charge. One more week left of him...

You know, I keep hearing that at the very end of a term, approval ratings for even the worst presidents get a bit of a surge. They keep saying this, as if the same will happen with Bush. The problem is, Bush keeps TALKING and MAKING DECISIONS. He isn't giving us a chance to to think, "Well, maybe he wasn't as bad as I thought..." and in the joy that is Obama's inauguration forgive and forget (or just forget.) No, he keeps reminding us of everything he's responsible for.

Case in point - his last press conference. I honestly watched a lot of this trying to grab out some bit that was more "Bush" than the other. But it's like they wrapped up the whole last eight years and put it in one bite-size press conference - including such golden nuggets as not looking inward when there's a party loss, not understanding why people get angry or hostile with him, and not worrying about the "little voices" that disagree with him.

I liked one reporter who said, regardless of his goals, the execution of his ideals was the disappointing part. Another reporter asked Bush about a term coined - "Bush derangement syndrome."

In any case, this is an interesting press conference I think people will be taking apart for years, which is why it made the list as #7.

#7 Top Bush Moment

(This is just part two of the conference, if you want more check out the links after it plays.)

#8 Top Bush Moment

I think this one can get downplayed a bit, but it is integral to understanding Bush. In a moment of heat in front of the cameras (okay, there's been a lot) you get to here the voices rattling around in Bush's head. The statement really says a lot about what worldview we've been living under for the better part of a decade now.
"I'm the decider, and I decide what's best."

#9 Top Bush Moment

In a rare moment of recognizing failure (or at least SAYING he recognizes failure) Bush acknowledges Katrina... uh.. "serious problems." It would have a lot more meaning if he hadn't just fully defended the Katrina decisions a few days ago.

#10 - Hands down the WORST moment of the Bush presidency... how little we knew...

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