Friday, January 2, 2009

#19 - #18 Top Bush Moments

#18... just makes my stomach turn a little. A lot about Bush's recent interviews has made me really NOT want to watch them as he gives us a little bit of what is actually in his head as he makes these decisions.

# 19 Best (or Worst) Bush moment

Childrens do learn!


Annette said...

He is an idiot and a loser. I am so glad that in 18 days he will be gone and done.

I never liked him, never voted for him and never had any respect for him.

Thank you for sharing these.
My word is WANTE... should have a D on it ...WANTED a poster for him and Cheney for war crimes.

Mike C said...

You know, I've often wondered about the President. Specifically, I've wondered "why does he do and say the things he does? Of what can he possibly be thinking?". At first it seemed to me that he was, in fact, an idiot. But as emotionally gratifying as that view was (and it IS emotionally gratifying) I'm not sure that it's accurate, or at least wholly accurate. I've come up with 3 possibilities for his often inexplicable and destructive behavior:

A). He is stupid, not much more than functionally literate. He's almost completely at the mercy of those around him, who use them for their own ends. Not smart enough to understand anything beyond simple algebra.

B). He is reasonably intelligent, perhaps even very much so, but his intellect does not really drive his decision making process. He has deeply held beliefs, and when confronted with situations that challenge his beliefs, he will look for and accept any explanations that support these beliefs, no matter how seemingly preposterous they are to others. He has no talent or stomach for critical self examination. He actually believes almost everything Karl Rove (and other like minded individuals) says, because it is comfortable for him to do so. And perhaps he's not the most gifted public speaker either.

C). He is utterly corrupt and dishonest. He does not care for the welfare of the country or world. He is interested only in using his position to benefit a small group of powerful wealthy friends and supporters.

Or, a fourth possibility, a combination of all or some of the above.

What do you think?

Writing Raven said...

Mike C. -

I hope you don't mind, but I've reposted your comment as it's own post on the blog. I thought it was a great question, and would really like ot hear other people's thoughts on it. I certainly have my own... :)