Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Ma'am, watch out for the moose!!"

This is what I hear yelled at me as I exited my house the other day. My reaction time was ultra slow - which, come to think of it, was probably a very good thing - before I understood what she was talking about.

I have been the worst example of safety behavior around moose this year, and this just takes the cake.

When I finally registered what the chick was yelling at me (I literally went, "Huh?" back at her) I was staring into the eyes of a moose.

After a moment's pause I smiled at the moose (never bad to be polite) and slowly moved to my car. Fortunately, moosie could care less what I was doing. She was chomping on the shrubbery - the photo was taken from my car (and yes, that is the door I came out of!)

I think this moose I keep seeing around the neighborhood is the same one. My guess is its a young female, maybe her first winter on her own? That is stretching the limits of my moose knowledge, so I'm pretty open to being wrong.

In any case, just one more example of, "Hey America, DON'T DO THIS."

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flying fish said...

Your reaction sounds familiar, I've done the same thing (although not quite so close!) with a moose when I was in Anchorage. Thank goodness not all moose are wild eyed people stompers!