Friday, January 16, 2009

#4 Top Bush Moment

#4 Best (or Worst) Bush Moment

I had long been saving one of my favorites for the #4 spot, but Ishmael of Kodiak Konfidential directed my attention (yes, much as an easily distracted toddler) to a very profound post on - the Top 25 Bushisms of all time (though I'm not totally convinced he's going to sit down and shut up in just four short days.) There were some real classics ("Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?" !) - and even some I haven't heard before. Because really, 100 of Bush's moments isn't nearly enough to carve a spot in the great wealth of Bushisms he's accumulated in eight years. It's going to take the next eight tracking them all down and collecting them. Maybe that is what his presidential library will have - certainly it couldn't have BOOKS WITHOUT PICTURES (which, by the way, is a subject of one of the other excellentt Bushisms.)

I have a new nearly-favorite - another that really just displays Bush's frame of thinking, while being chuckle-worthy at the same time. I actually wasn't going to switch it up, despite liking the quote, until I actually tracked down the video. The part that sold it for me was how everybody claps, nodding their heads as he spews forth Bush wisdom. Sigh.

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