Friday, August 29, 2008

Confirmed. Palin. Crap.

In a truly desperate choice, McCain campaign insiders have confirmed it's Sarah Palin for his VP choice. McCain must have known he had to pick someone that would look good on TV - a young woman who used to be a beauty queen. He had to pick someone that could compete with Obama's "celebrity."

His biggest argument about Obama goes out the window - experience. SHE HAS NONE. Mayor of a town of less than 6,000 sure doesn't count. Governor of a state she's already under investigation under sure doesn't add to the resume.

I admire Hillary - she's a smart and powerful woman with a great background. McCain is trying to pick a republican Hillary Clinton. Palin is not it.

As an Alaskan who had high hopes for this governor, NO, NO, NO!

More info from a Republican who is one of Palin's bigger rivals, and broke the story about her own corruption, Andrew Halcro's blog.

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