Monday, August 25, 2008

Remember to check out the live blog!

Although I will be covering various aspects of the convention, the "live blogging" from the convention floor will be done on Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis - she's the credentialed Alaska blogger. I will be going on the Pepsi Center floor Tuesday (for Hillary!), but will still be doing all the live blogging from the Blue Oasis. I will post more "niche" type posts later on my own blog.

The live blogging will roughly be between 1pm (probably more like 2) and 7pm ALASKA TIME.

And is there something you want to know about the convention? Right there on the floor? Do you want to hear from Alaska delegates, other state's delegates, Dan Rather? :) Do you want to know about the security, the speeches, those silly hats?

Let us know!!

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