Monday, August 25, 2008

Red Rocks turn Green

Robert Kennedy Jr. (literally) rolling up his sleeves and getting to work. He made a great speech at the "Green Sunday" concert/event at Red Rocks amphitheatre Sunday night.

In a not-so-subtle hint at the recent McCain criticism Obama's been getting for being so popular, Kennedy talked about traveling to Europe with his father as a child. He said the American politicians were extremely popular - people clamoring to get near them (remind you of any recent trips?) and that he remembers a time when America was really loved and admired by the world. But in only seven years, look at the tragedy that it has become. I will try having more of this speech (I recorded it) later, but if it's online somewhere, you should check it out.

On kind of a sidenote, it was really strange to hear, as someone born in the 80's, that America, at one time, could have been liked by much of the world. I have only ever been an adult under George Bush #2, and it seems impossible.

The view from Red Rocks was beautiful. Kim (our host and my concert-buddy) said that Red Rocks amphitheatre is well-liked by musicians for its acoustics, but I think the guests must love it for its views!

A protesting airplane, proclaiming McCain for President. It seems like kind of a waste to fly it over an event where people have come from all over the nation (and world, as we found out!) to support Obama, or at least Democrats. I don't think the sign was doing much.

A full crowd, waiting for the show to start. As press, we got about a hundred different answers for where we were supposed to go, so we just planted ourselves beside the stage.

Sheryl Crow waving to the crowd. She sang my favorite song of hers - one she said was "close to her heart" - "Strong Enough."

This is one of the police women they brought in from all over Colorado. When we asked her how she was able to cover such a big-name event, she shrugged and smiled - "I just got lucky."

That's some serious bling.
Although not all pictured, the governor and mayor showed up, the Blue Man Group gave a "special message," Tim Kaine, Van Jones, and Sugarland.

Sarah and Molly were from the flight attendant's union. I didn't realize so many delegates were flight attendants, but once they mentioned just how much their profession is immediately affected by Washington decisions, it all made sense...

I didn't get this guys name, but he was making sure we got enough good pictures. I thought he was fishing for a picture of himself, but when I took one, he was saying, "No way!"
Of course, I took one anyway (don't worry, he was cool with it.) But I highly doubt that was his first beer.
Nice guy though!

The Enforcer.
I saw many a person try and attempt to break through the media barrier, and some got by some of the other staff, but this guy meant business. And he did it with practically one hand tied behind his back!

I have to give Dave Matthews some serious props for showing up and performing. They lost their band member Leroi Moore just last week, but still showed up and gave a beautiful set, just after Kennedy's great speech.
Matthews said, before beginning, to forgive his hoarse voice, "it's been a rough week."

There was actually quite a bit more substance to the concert, but I want to do it real justice - not the 3am kind of posting I can do now (the concert went LATE.) It was a "green" concert, and as far as Alaska goes, well, the oil industry was being hit pretty hard, for one.
But more on that when I am not going cross-eyed!

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