Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin??? NO!!

Celtic diva just woke me up on a tip she got - CNN is reporting that they believe our governor, Sarah Palin is going to be the McCain VP pick.


After his whole argument being based on Obama being inexperienced, he would choose someone who was mayor of Wasilla, and governor less than two years? And under investigation on something we've now seen went on??? She's being investigated for abusing her power - so I guess maybe it makes sense that she would be trying to step into the shoes of Bush/Cheney.

A desperation choice if it's true - he wants the Hillary vote, and doesn't care if she has so little experience (certainly far less than Obama!) and is under investigation. That she was mayor of a town with barely 5,500 people does not mean I want to give her the keys to the Oval Office. That she's been governor for less than two years, and already under investigation, is no reason to expect she can step in and run this country.

If you're not from Alaska, you may not know that Palin has recently been acccused of firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan because he would not fire her ex-brother in law, a State Trooper. Although denying anything of the kind, tapes came out about a second into the investigation that members of her administration, did, in fact, try and pressure the Troopers into firing him. She's getting a whole lot of credit for not being Gov. Murkowski - as a "reformer," all she had to do was come in, be a beauty queen, and follow a corrupt governor.

I as all for giving Palin the benefit of the doubt. Following Murkowski, anybody that wasn't him was a relief. He didn't even win the primary. But over the past year and a half, she's been showing her true colors.

Let's hope CNN is reporting incorrectly on a rumor - can you imagine total disaster that would befall us if Palin were a breath away from the White House? She's been absolutely hostile to the Southeast Alaska region - she won't even live there, in the capital. She's made so many decisions to favor her own area - the Mat-Su valley, and spit in the face of Southeast.

As someone nobody outside of Alaska really knows about, they don't know the woman we have come to know. She's going to get a lot of credit for being a woman, being pretty, being young, and coming in after a governor everyone hated.

This Alaskan is not voting for Palin.

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Anonymous said...

Sigh. I was out of Alaska for both the Murkowski and the start of the Palin administration. It's good to see my feeling about her animosity towards SE is at least felt by people other than me. The cuts to the AK Marine Hwy, and constant reference to the bridge to "nowhere" are what did it for me. I'm from Ketchikan! It's not nowhere. Yes, the bridge was a dumb idea, but it's not unprecedented in SE and god forbid there's actually some sort of economic development.

Also, hi! Your sister, K, told me about your blog and it is awesome!