Saturday, August 30, 2008

You must watch this! Palin/John Stewart video

Kodiak Konfidential posted John Stewart's take on the Palin VP pick - nothing like taking the truth and showing just how tragically laugh-out-loud this pick is.



This will blow your mind, but today in the Taiwan newspaper, Chinese language APPLE DAILY,

there is a half page story about the campaign in USA, with photos of Obama and McCain and Joe and Palin, and guess what : read? : there is a b/w photo of Ms Palin about age 22, wearing a toga on left shoulder, naked breast and nipple on right side, 93% naked, Black White photo, in PRINT,,,,,can you believe it? Of course, this is the fake WORLDWEEEKNEWS fake photo on the Net, but for a newspaper in Taiwan to print it in PRINT edition, wow....i have a jpeg of it if you want to see it........the news article is in Chinese which is still Greek to me, but the photos are readable..

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