Sunday, August 24, 2008

Credentials, police, protests and an English guy named Bond

Our big event for most of Sunday was to head downtown to get the media credentials. This turned into quite an event in and of itself. We'd been hearing about the downtown goings-on - mainly that it would take hours to get in our out of anything - and were prepared for long lines. There actually weren't long lines for our purpose (we heard the Pepsi Center was quite another thing,) but loads to see and hear!

The picture at the left shows what most of the activvity seemed geared towards. No, he's not pulling in important documents or research lists - it's wine, beer, diet coke, chips and salsa, and whole lotta Red Bull. Go Democrats!

This is not Bond. James Bond.

Okay, so I was the only one who thought that this man from London was named Bond. It's actually Barnes, but with the accent (and the main source of my knowledge of London being mostly what I've seen in James Bond and Hugh Grant movies) I thought he said Bond. Still, with a flashy smile, English accent, and an almost-cool name (American girls will never notice,) he could practially sell this Obama doll for a decent buck (pound?) to anyone walking by.

So everyone might get sick of the security photos here real quick, but I really liked this photo. Very action flick-y. 'Course, I'd really like it if they kept their use to intimidating force and good photo-ops. I don't want them to have any reason to have to use their mass of gear.

Not the best protest march I've ever seen. There was maybe a dozen people in one of the protests with a whole "NoBama" slant - but then a few people who I thought were protesting with them were actually just walking with them. The guy standing next to us was like, "Uh... they're not exactly bringing anyone over to the cause that way."

Yes, another police photo, but really, they're everywhere. And these two officers got all over this big truck that was empty and parked near the media hub - as well as protest route. They wasted no time with ticketing and phones - they immediately began investigating the inside, outside and who knows where else. I'd hate to be the guy coming back to this truck.

Secret Service? Or two quite stoic guys who are gaurding a hair salon? Having never seen any Secret Service outside of the West Wing (not the actual West Wing - the TV show,) I don't know. But they stood out there for a good hour - probably longer, since we left - occasionally listening to their ear pieces, but mostly just looking alert and humorless. I'm trying to think of who was IN the salon...
Where does Bill get his hair done?

The fastest protest march in the world. I honestly couldn't figure out what this big march was about. They paraded all around downtown, circling the media hub, but they were booking it! I mean, what's the rush? Is the cause not going to be there?
There was no cohesive message being shouted, so I don't actually know what they were protesting, but there was lots of shouting. It was actually only after I was able to look at the pictures when I got back that I could even see what was on the signs. This one reads, "Queers and Trannies Bash Back!" Uh... what? I know there was at least one anti-war message, and an environment message, but to be able to report on the protest, I need to know... you know... what they're protesting.

The same march... I think. This march went on forever, and kept crossing streets it had already been on. It became enough of a problem that the police shut down the mall shuttle. Major problem, since that what was what we were needing to ride to get to our other credential place.
Grr! Darn unorganized protestors!!

Celtic Diva and Morrigan picking up the media credentials. Floor pass! Woohoo! We also all got media "swag bags." Not really the same kind of swag Martin Sheen gets, but swag nonetheless. A whole lot of "eco" stuff, and even an emergency radio. I would have preferred they not be so prepared for this convention that they've supplied emergency radios though... I mean, I'm sure I'll be glad if I need it. But I'd rather not need it...

I think this guy got sick of the super-fast protest march too, or he just wanted to get something to eat. I also think he might have forgotten he had a big orange sign on his back. He was a very laid-back protestor - maybe more of a "messenger." Or maybe being a proponent of peace, he was just really peaceful.


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