Monday, August 18, 2008

The growls heard round the nation

You know the bear problem is bad when the Washington Post is reporting on it. They did an article about all the bear attacks around Anchorage.

I remember going to the village dump with my grandma, and thought she was the bravest person ever when she threw rocks at the bears that got too close, to make them afraid of humans. Then again, the only times I ever had nightmares about bears was when I was visiting her in the village...

My dad got mauled by a bear. We actually heard this story all growing up, and he'd show us this big scar on his hand.

It was all true. What he failed to leave out, until I was pretty old, was that it was a bear cub.


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Ishmael said...

Certainly a lot more bear attacks this year than usual.... I'm blaming a long winter, late spring, slow green-up, tardy salmon and just plain orneriness.

Have a great time in Denver!