Monday, August 25, 2008

Journey to The Big Tent

As we tried to figure out the transportation situation (a source of confusion for pretty much everybody) I talked to American Samoa delegate Jacinta Titialii-Abbott and Congressman Eni F.H. Faleomavaega.

Jacinta and I first talked about some strong relations between Alaska and American Samoa, especially between Samoan people and Alaska Native people, and just who is looking for statehood, and who is not. Congressman Eni asked if I was Athabascan - which I am! - and talked about the strong ties with Athabascan people. He also mentioned his work with Congressman Don Young and said he was sorry to hear about Stevens.

What a remarkably small world.

A delegate from Dallas County, who was excited to show us that Dallas County is turning blue! We talked with several Texas delegates on the light rail on the way into downtown, and they were all so enthusiastic about Mark Begich and Alaska turning blue! They encouraged us, and congratulated Alaska on its "blue" efforts several times.

This man had an incredible amount of knowledge about Alaska politics and issues - and he was from Chico, California! He recently went to an environmental law convference, and was full of questions and comments about ANWR, offshore drilling, Pebble Mine, etc.

What are we all waiting for? What are they looking at? The group of mounted police officers stopped traffic for a bit, and had everyone wondering why. The big mystery?

This guy's horse had... uh... "made a mess" and he had to go clean it up. Nothing like having hundreds of people watch you clean up after your horse.

I will say that I've seen some incredible acts of environmental concern from some of these officers. At the concert we attended last night, there was one officer who kept picking up beer bottles and cups that were lying around and taking them to the recycling bin.

Wow. Everyone really did come to Denver.
Betcha Abe never had to do this when he was president.

Where do Londoners and Alaskans go to meet?
Apparently at The Big Tent in Denver.
You may recognize the "Bond" guy from an earlier post. This time he was working - informing people about The Israel Project, check them out!

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