Saturday, August 23, 2008

What do city fish look like?

So I know what a village fish, Rural fish, peninsula fish, river fish and ocean fish looks like, but have you ever wondered about a city fish? Looking around Pike's Place Market in Seattle yesterday, apparently they are very crowded and lined up in neat little rows.

We had a really long layover in Seattle on our way to Denver, so Team Blue Oasis trekked over to downtown Seattle REALLY early in the morning. So early, none of the shops were open. It was actually a pretty neat time, watching all the shops get ready, and a once in a lifetime experience as nobody will EVER get me up that early ordinarily. This Russian bakery smelled absolutely delicious as this baker got cinnamon-apple rolls ready.

It was a pretty misty Seattle day, though the super-fast sunset (still used to the hours long Anchorage sunrise/sunsets) was really pretty.

This chili pepper booth was really neat - I was looking for an excuse to buy an overly large bundle of peppers, colorfully coordinated on a string (couldn't think of one... or at least a GOOD one.)

Seagull on a totem pole in a park outside of Pike's Place.

Our view as we were eating breakfast. We were there so early, the breakfast place wasn't open yet, so we pressed our faces against the glass until they let us in to eat buttermilk pancakes and dungeness crab omelettes (yeah, I said it.)

After a lifetime in Alaska, seeing all the fresh produce and flowers at super-cheap prices was a little painful. This lady was a little confused as to why I was taking pictures of her, but I was willing to be a bit shameless (i.e. touristy.) It's payment for all the tourists that come up to Alaska.

Morrigan spacing out a bit, despite her beautiful cocoa. She Morrigan was not exactly gellin' with the early times we were keeping, and thought a better use of our time might be sleeping on the floor of the airport (it didn't take much time for us to agree with her.)

The stopover in Seattle was fun, but the 15 hours of straight travel was rough. It was fun hearing a bunch of theories about Obama's VP pick - out of the dozen or so theories I heard in the airport and plane, only one was was thinking Biden.
What was really interesting was just how many people were talking about it. Everyone was talking about Obama's VP pick, and that was before we got to Denver. If they weren't talking about his VP pick, they were talking about Obama in general. I never identified myself as heading to the Democratic National Convention, but it was the topic overheard more than anything else (besides the VP pick).
Now that we're here in Denver (and endured another painful Alaska price realization by going to the grocery store,) we are busy planning our strategy for what to attend, how to report it, best way to get the people we'd like.
P.S. Your help is not only appreciated, it is NEEDED!

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Philip Munger said...

Morrigan looks so cool. I've sat at that same window. Best possible time to go to the market - very, very early on a weekday morning.

Keep up the posts, WR!