Friday, August 29, 2008

What Alaskans are saying about Palin for VP

Alaskans know Sarah Palin best, and I've heard a lot going both ways. 'Course, I'm down here in Denver for the convention. But what I've seen so far today from talking with, e-mailing and texting friends, family and many interested persons back home.

My talks with Alaskan Democrats:

"But she doesn't have any experience!"

"Is it because she's so pretty? Because she can't help him out any!"

"...totally a desperate grab for the Hillary supporters. I sure hope they don't bite."

"I was going for Hillary, but I sure hope she comes out against Palin. Hillary is what we need in a women candidate. Palin is just a beauty queen. Talk about playing to 'celebrity'! She must be his Paris Hilton pick."

"I liked her when she started out, but she'll just be another corrupt politician in D.C."

"Do they know she's under investigation? Guess they don't care.

My talks with Alaskan Republicans:

"Holy crap! Are they crazy? She isn't qualified!"

"She just became governor after being mayor of Wasilla! How does that mean she should be VP, first in line for the presidency."

"I voted for her for governor, and depending on what they find with the whole scandal thing, I might vote for her again. But I wouldn't want her to be vice president."

From the Anchorage Daily News comments:

"I am all for Gov Palin But Mccain just made Obama the next president."

"Palin is known for being a maverick? Since when?"

"foreign policy experience
im sure BP sent todd and sarah to mexico, once or twice.."

"Any woman will do?
Did McCain just make the political calculation that grabbing the nearest female governor would reel in the Hillary Clinton votes? Isn't that kinda disrespectful of the Clinton supporters? Hey, look, we've got a woman over here!"

"I will vote for her because...
She is pretty, she is a woman, she was raised in alaska. she doesnt have much experience but she can hire who ever she needs to make the choices for her. she looks like a model."

"watch the investigation go away
All of a sudden, the republican investigation of the republican governor won't be a priority.
Thanks, McCain, for taking care of that."

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