Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome to The Big Tent

Not the most exciting video ever made (a bunch of people sitting at computers?) but a little taste of the chaos that is The Big Tent. For those that don't know, The Big Tent is where 400 or so bloggers are calling home during the convention. Pictured is just the lower level in the main tent - there is a second story for event, and the building next door houses the food and electricity.

One of the first surprises for "the most technologically advanced convention in history" - porta potties. Yeah... a bit of the rustic, just so nobody forgets their roots...

All in all, a energetic place where a lot of people who have conversed forever are finally meeting. There's probably a thousand other posts from all the people on the computers here, but just a snippet of the environment I will be in some of the time.

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