Friday, August 29, 2008

Get the facts about Palin

The news reports are driving me insane. They keep highlighting her with these crazy things that so many people in Alaska are going, "Really?" right now. The Alaskan's I talked to this morning:

"Really? Well, that's one way to get her out of office."

"Seriously? But she doesn't have any experience!"

(A text message from a Republican friend) "WTF? But she hasn't DONE anything!!"

No kidding.

The media reports:

She's known as a reformer.
She was HOPED to be a reformer. The investigation she is embroiled in has already shown her to be just as corrupt as all the other Alaskan politicians under investigation, indicted or convicted. About two seconds into the investigation, they already found her to be a liar.
She kept saying over and over no one in her administration pressured Walt Monegan to fire her ex-brother in law, and not under her command. Then the tape comes out that her administration did, and why did it sound like he was doing so because Palin asked him to? "I don't know." Seriously. That's the answer from both Palin and her lackey.

She has just as much experience as Obama.
The bulk of her "experience" in big politics is mayor of a small town, with no diversity, who has done nothing for the Native people of Alaska (okay, threw that in their, but we make up nearly 20% of the population under her guidance, and she's still done nothing.) For as much as the McCain campaign has been toting inexperience as the reason Obama should not be a leader, they must really be expecting Palin only to be eye candy, to have her do nothing, and just pray McCain stays healthy enough to remain in office, so she won't have to actually do anything.

She's a champion for women.
Look at her record. She is getting the credit for being a mother and, well, being a woman. Like most of the women in the country. Yes, she's a mother, but just like being a POW doesn't mean you are qualified for being President, toting her motherhood as part of her VP resume is condescending to women. Women are smarter than that. She hasn't done anything for women except be one, and under that criteria, I'm qualified to be VP. Just as McCain asserts people shouldn't vote Obama in just because he's black, he wants us to vote in Palin because she's a woman.

She fights corruption (from McCain himself!)
You can't fight corruption if you're corrupt yourself! She's UNDER INVESTIGATION!
Goodness know I was rooting for this governor when she first took office. Although I didn't vote for her, she looked to be doing some good. But the past year she has been showing more and more of who she really is, and has disappointed so many Alaskans. Her administration has already been shown to pressure Walt Monegan to fire her ex-brother in law, after she adamantly denied they did.


Anonymous said...

I guess the repubs are breaking out the epoxy to repair the cracks in the ceiling.

If anyone wants to know what thoughtful solutions Palin brings to today's (and tomorrow's) complexities, they should watch her Charlie Rose interview with Gov. Janet Napolitano.

If anyone wants to know what she has done for rural Alaska (real Alaska) tell them the indigent scientist for the Unorganized Borough needs a job. A $1200 sop will not do.

It is a return to the late 70s, the beginnings of the current Bush-Cheney era and more of the same ol' tired rhetoric with concomitant action for the few.

NB-- just because the election sounds like a no-brainer, that's exactly what a lot of turned out voters prefer. It's no time to let ourselves and our neighbors down by "coasting to victory"

andthemeekshall said...

I live in Colorado and I seem to know more about the Palin investigation as you do. That or you want to portray in as bad a light as possible so you aren't giving all the facts.
She is under investigation, an investigation led by an Alaskan Democrat who hasn't subpoenaed any official because the Palin administration has been cooperating.
The tape of a Palin official inquiring about the trooper was released by the Palin administration.

Writing Raven said...

Of course it was released by the Palin administration - a lot of people were ticked off when all of a sudden she wanted to run her own investigation into it, and then, all of a sudden, the tape got released. She lied about what was going on, then when she found out there was evidence that the pressure was, in fact, going on, she suddenly launches an invesitgation into her own administration and suddenly finds evidence.
It's not cooperation, it's trying to take control of a situation she knows can only turn up evidence against her. As it already did. An important PR move for her - "get ahead of the story." How much worse if the REAL investigation turned it up? She released it because she had to, to salvage any amount of credibility she might still have.

Anonymous said...

Palin unqualified to serve as vice president By Dermot Cole

Dermot Cole has a very succinct summary.

Maia said...

Andthemeekshall —

I sincerely doubt you know more about the Branchflower investigation than Writing Raven, or than any Alaskan, considering we've been following it since there was nothing more to the story than the firing of a commissioner.

Please don't pretend to know more about this administration than do those of us who have been living in it for the past year and a half. Particularly not when no media report I've seen since the VP news broke has been able to sum it up without error or significant omission of fact.